Christmas Main Course


Stuffed Free Range New Zealand Turkey Breast


Turkey breast brined, stuffed and ready to roast with all the instructions you need
Apple, orange, dried fruits, sage & onion bread stuffing

1.8 kg or 2.5 kgs turkey with 500g stuffing

serves 8 – 10: $250

serves 12-15+: $300

(individual 500g stuffing logs also available for $20)


Glazed NZ Christmas Hams


Bees Knees New Zealand champagne leg whole or half hams

Baked and glazed with an orange, cranberry, maple and mustard glaze

All served glazed and ready to eat cold or re-warm through the day

 Extra pot of glaze included


Whole ham boneless with knuckle: $350 

Half ham boneless no knuckle: $200

Hams raw weight is 9-11kg or half: 4kgs

DIY hams with glaze and instructions $250: whole ½ $150


BBQ Whole Beef Fillet Tenderloin


Marinated in devilled horseradish marinade, seared and cooked on charcoal bbq to medium rare & sliced

 Served with chimichurri or smoked tomato salsa

Serve on the day at room temp or slightly reheat

1.8kgs: $180


Cured Salmon


Your choice of whole side of New Zealand or Norwegian salmon cured in either:

beetroot, orange, dill, vodka

- or -

gin & citron - lime, orange and lemon 

sold as whole side


Whole sides of cured Norwegian salmon, 1.2 kgs: $130


Whole sides of cured New Zealand king salmon, 1.5-1.8 kgs: $200

Baked Salmon


Your choice of salmon either ready to bake or pre-roasted & served chilled 

Ready to bake salmon comes marinated, prepped, wrapped in tinfoil and then ready to go into the oven or onto the bbq


Your choice of marinade & sauce:  

Lemon & orange with confit garlic, parsley & with salasa verde

-or –

Coconut laksa marinade, with fresh herbs and chili, with a coconut lakasa pouring sauce  


Norwegian salmon 1.2kgs-1.3 kg: $120

New Zealand salmon 1.5-kgs-1.8kgs: $180


Vegan Nut & Tofu Roast


Loaded with nuts, fruits and tofu and baked in a log then sliced

Served with vegan gravy


½ log, serves 6-8 $55

Whole log, serves 10-12 $100



Vegetable Par Cooked Sides


All vegetables have been seasoned & pre-roasted and just need to be finished off back in the oven

Duck fat potatoes (Vegan option available on request)

Small tray feeds 3-4:  $25

Large tray feeds 4-6:  $45


Roast kumara & pumpkin

Small tray feeds 3-4:  $25

Large tray feeds  4-6:  $45


Christmas Salads

All salads are served in trays, some may need mixing and dressing on the day


Caesar salad
Cos lettuce, boiled eggs, bacon lardons, shredded parmesan cheese, homemade Caesar dressing,

(GF, Contains Fish in the dressing)

Pumpkin quinoa salad
Quinoa, roasted pumpkin, roasted lemon zested broccoli, green beans, spinach, coriander,

spinach coriander dressing GF) (DF)( Vegan)

Green beans and marinated feta

Green beans, shredded courgette, red pepper strips, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta and spinach, lemon mustard dressing, sesame seeds and balsamic glaze (GF)


Mediterranean orzo pasta salad
Roast eggplant, zucchini, roasted red pepper, sundried tomatoes, olives, red pepper pesto parsley,

toasted sunflower seeds

Raw energy salad

Shredded beetroot, carrot, red & white cabbage, diced celery, spring onions, toasted seeds, parsley, orange zest & orange dressing (GF) (DF)( Vegan)

Regular salad serves 4-6 people: $35

  Large salad serves 8-12 people: $65

Jumbo salad serves 15-20+: $105

All salads plated in disposable trays and may will need mixing on the day

Christmas salads will also be available in our usual sizes from the cabinet on the 23rd and 24th December  



Fresh baked meringues
Individual meringues sold with mixed berry compote on the side

Spiced cherries compote or mixed berry compote and fresh strawberries & whipped cream

(all served on the side you just need to build) 

Serves 1: $7- each


Vegan meringues

Eggless vegan meringues with whipped coconut cream, passionfruit cauli & fresh berries

Serves 1: $7- each


Sticky date pudding with caramel sauce

Pre-baked and smothered in gooey caramel sauce ready to go back in the oven or microwave.
available in small and large sizes

Small serves 1- 2: $12.5 

Large serves 3- 4:  $16.5


Apple & mixed berry crumble

Small serves 1- 2: $12.5 

Large serves 3- 4:  $16.5


Triple chocolate gluten free brownie slab

Half slab: $25  Whole slab: $50


Individual Blake’s Christmas Meals


In addition to our usual Blake’s meals, we will be selling the Christmas meals below

on the 23rd and 24th December  

These meals are designed are a large potion for 1

with plenty in there so you have leftovers for boxing day


 Roast Turkey & all the trimmings $ 25

Tender brined turkey breast, with sausage meat and fruit stuffing,

with duck fat potatoes, roast kumara, pumpkin,

green beans and lashing of gravy


Vegan Nut & Tofu Roast $24

Served with roast potatoes, kumara, pumpkin & beans

with a vegan mushroom gravy